EGGspander 5 Piece Kit for Large EGG



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Product Description

Unleash your culinary creativity with the ultimate expansion system for the Big Green Egg! The NEW Big Green Egg EGGspander 5 Piece Kit for Large EGG facilitates an extensive variety of cooking setups to easily utilize the full versatility of the Large Big Green Egg.

5 Piece EGGspander Kit includes:

  • convEGGtor basket
  • Multi-level direct and indirect
  • Multi-tier cooking racks
  • Two stainless half grids
  • Direct “Cowboy Style” lower rack

Easily configure the convEGGtor basket for:

  • Easy placement or removal of convEGGtor
  • Multi-level direct and indirect
  • Raised grid cooking
  • Starter component for the EGGspander System; works with the 2 Piece Multi-Level Rack

Easily configure the 2 Piece Multi-Level Rack for:

  • Elevated sliding cooking grid with 6.5 in (16 cm) clearance for easy access
  • Reverses for low-level “Cowboy Style” grilling
  • Designed to connect to existing cooking grid
  • Starter component for the EGGspander System; works with the 1 Piece convEGGtor basket

7 reviews

Regino Santos - NEW! Large EGGspander

Posted by Regino Santos on June 8, 2019

Are going to make a EGGspander for the Medium Big Green Egg? Pretty Please!!

Bryan Lowery - NEW! Large EGGspander

Posted by Bryan Lowery on May 31, 2019

Awesome product. Can cook up a ton of food stacked. Would buy again. Great job BGE

Charlie Hunter - NEW! Large EGGspander

Posted by Charlie Hunter on February 24, 2019

Absolutely love this new addition to the BGE lineup of accessories. It is so versatile and makes getting the plate setter in and out so easy. The ability cook more food at the same time is awesome. The new Carbon Fiber Wok fits perfectly in the lower section. Loved it so much I bought another for my other large egg.

The Product Poet - NEW! Large EGGspander

Posted by The Product Poet on October 18, 2018

I definitely do love the EGGspander for its ease of getting the plate setter out to put in wood for smoking. I can’t wait to find a dealer that carries more of the grates so I can utilize it more. Highly recommend.

Jack Hellmer - NEW! Large EGGspander

Posted by Jack Hellmer on October 7, 2018

I LOVE THE EGGSPANDER!!! It does EVERYTHING that I want it to!!! I’m super happy that they came out with this! I recommend this for everything Egg user!

JRBGE - NEW! Large EGGspander

Posted by JRBGE on August 28, 2018

Finally! I can get direct access to the fire! It took some time, but BGE has done well with this one. While cooking, I love the ability to take everything out at once. Additionally, the sliding top rack offers easy access to the food on the main grate. You can also add another pork shoulder or brisket to the EGG!

John R. Bowlsby - NEW! Large EGGspander

Posted by John R. Bowlsby on July 9, 2018

I love this new set up! Finally, I was able to access the fire by pulling everything out at once! No more taking the food off, then removing the grates, then the conveEGGtor, then trying to find a safe place to put it all! This fixes my biggest pet peeve with kamados, the lack of direct access to the fire. The sliding top rack made it easy to probe the meats down on the lower rack. The EGGspander was a long time coming, but I am happy it is finally here.