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Grilled Top Blade Steak

Posted on 26 June 2012

Many people are rediscovering beef and there are more options on the market than ever before Click Here

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Steak & Egg Sandwich

Posted on 12 June 2012

Checkout this Steak & Eggs with Horseradish Cream Sandwich prepared on the Big Green Egg Click Here

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Steak Caramelized Onions

Posted on 21 November 2011

Kroger’s Culinary 411 Grilled Steak with Caramelized Onions from Chef Mike Monahan Click Here

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Sirloin Steak with Chipotle

Posted on 15 September 2011

Sirloin Steak with Chipotle Sauce Click Here

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Digital Pocket Thermometer

Posted on 28 August 2011

A necessity when cooking meat or poultry to safely regulate the internal temperature Click Here

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