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Sven Elverfeld

Wolfsburg, Germany is best known for producing cars… hundreds of thousands of Volkswagens, to be exact. But for the past decade, Wolfsburg has also been known as the home of the Autostadt, a mini-city built to showcase some of the most exotic automobiles in the world within a theme park setting. Spend just one day at the Autostadt and you’ll see that every feature speaks of quality and innovation. This center of excellence is renowned worldwide as a celebration of precision engineering and the search for the ultimate in design, art and architecture.

Within the Autostadt and The Ritz Carlton Hotel, at Restaurant Aqua, Chef Sven Elverfeld creates his award winning cuisine, and is adding his marker to the map. Elverfeld’s very independent culinary style is described as a sophisticated combination of simplicity and refinement. The focus of his modern cuisine has always been on
the essentials, concentrating on the harmony of aroma, flavor and texture.

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