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Green Egg Rapid Delivery System (GERDS)

Green Egg Rapid Delivery System (GERDS) successfully completes another delivery of MiniMax EGG

Big Green Egg Takes To The Sky With Unmanned Aerial Deliveries of new MiniMax EGG


Atlanta, Georgia USA (1 April 2014) – The Big Green Egg Company has announced that it has successfully tested a super capacity unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), more commonly known as a commercial drone, with the ability to enable it to offer same day home delivery of the new MiniMax EGG by August 2014.

As seen in accompanying photos below, the Green Egg Rapid Delivery System (GERDS) has passed numerous safety tests and has successfully lifted the new MiniMax EGG and safely transported it to various delivery locations.

The GERDS uses a ground-breaking technology based on the same auto-rotational safety system in a commercial helicopter to prevent any possibility of the UAV from reaching the ground in an uncontrolled fashion should any mechanical issue occur. Additionally, the GERDS incorporates a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that is modeled on the Ferrari Grand Prix race car, which enables mechanical and heat energy that is usually wasted during the descent to be converted into electrical energy.

In another technical innovation, the GERDS power storage system is based on a new process in development at the University of California (UCLA) and Vanderbilt which incorporates a rapid charging super capacitor made with silicon chips and a carbon polymer called graphene. Not only is graphene environmentally benign but is biodegradable and compostable, and has shown the potential to rapidly charge and store more electricity than standard batteries, a necessity due to the weight of the Big Green Egg MiniMax.

“We began working on this concept about a year ago, and when we saw other companies making statements about their efforts to offer unmanned deliveries, we thought we better step up our efforts,“ commented Big Green Egg Director of Technical Innovation Marco Bogazzi. “It is important for us to maintain our category-leading position as the most innovative and creative manufacturer of outdoor cooking products, and this is just another step forward in our evolution. In the next 90 days, our company will begin shipping both the industry leading XXL Big Green Egg as well as the new MiniMax EGG, covering both ends of the cooking spectrum for our many fans and customers. And soon, when the urge to add a MiniMax to the collection strikes, we will be just hours away with a quick and secure delivery!”

Big Green Egg plans to roll out GERDS deliveries of MiniMax in ten markets initially, beginning with Roswell GA, as well as Grapevine TX, St.Petersburg FL, Concord NC, Fargo ND, Evansville IN, Sacramento CA, Tacoma WA, Poughkeepsie NY and Little Rock AR. 2015 will bring expansion into other Big Green Egg markets throughout the USA, Europe, Canada and England. To meet current FAA regulations for commercial drones, all flights will be launched from specially-equipped EGGmobile vans that will store an inventory of MiniMax EGGs and provide a flight launch platform from the roof. Inside, a state-of-the-art control console will enable real time monitoring of each delivery, as opposed to just GPS location based guidance, which will enable the GERDS to operate under the 400 foot ceiling mandated under current FAA regulations.

The FAA is working on a comprehensive set of rules and regulations that will pave the way for commercial drone flight, but the legislation won’t be ready until at least 2015 and other delivery drones might not be in the skies until 2017.

“Waiting for 2017 is an eternity as far as our development is concerned – we are working overtime to be the first to offer our customers the experience of cooking on a Big Green Egg just hours after they order it, and we have no desire to sit around a couple of years waiting for flight guidelines when we are fully tested and ready to go right now,” added Big Green Egg CEO/Managing Director, Ardy Arani.

“When you want something cooked on a Big Green Egg, you want it now, and our aim is to fulfill that passionate desire of every backyard chef and culinary aficionado alike!”

Big Green Egg GERDS press photo 1 hires

Big Green Egg GERDS press photo 2 hires