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Gog Magog Hills

The Butcher’s Best Friend

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All too often, opportunity comes from the most unexpected places. For the Bradfords, who have worked the land known as Heath Farm in Cambridge, England for generations, the transition from farm to shop began one year when their potato field gave way to thousands of mushrooms. After friends would accept no more, they began to sell the mushrooms from a farm gate “honesty box.” The resulting funds were used to buy hens for laying eggs, and sales of potatoes and eggs grew enough for the Bradfords to open a very small shop in the old calving room.

The Gog Magog Hills Butcher Shop

To this day, the Bradford family’s ethos of working together, embracing the future, respecting the animals and the land that provides their income and taking pride in the food that is produced is clear from the moment you first turn into the crushed gravel drive at Gog Magog Hills.

Over the past century, the family business has expanded to include a farm shop and butcher, the Cart Shed deli and a café, the Gog Magog Canteen. “Most days at Gog Magog Hills, come rain or shine, you’ll find at least one of the EGGs lit,” says Bradford. “By supplying the best possible ingredients and paying particular attention to locality and seasonality, the Gog Magog business is growing and our customers love being on the journey with us.”

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