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Dutch Oven

For hundreds of years, the cast iron Dutch oven has been a versatile, nearly indestructible “must-have” piece of equipment for outdoor cooks. George Washington fed his troops from Dutch ovens and Lewis and Clark depended on the ovens as they explored and mapped the Western United States, using them to cook salt pork, geese and fish. Dutch ovens were the basis for cowboy cuisine on cattle drives, and were used by the “forty-niners” for baking sourdough bread during the California gold rush.

The modern Dutch oven, which has changed little from the earlier models, is a thick-walled, cast iron cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid, and works well for simmering stews, soups, and chili, preparing rice or bean dishes or even baking cobblers.

The 5 quart/4.7 liter Big Green Egg Dutch oven is known for its heat retention and even cooking properties and is a valuable tool to have in your accessory arsenal. With proper care, the Dutch oven can last a lifetime and will become a favorite utensil for creating hearty, delicious meals on the Big Green Egg.

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