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Cooking with Planks

Cooking on wood planks is a favorite of Big Green Egg fans around the world, as it adds a subtle smoky or woodsy flavor to all of your favorite recipes, and provides a fun way to serve the cooked food. You’ll enjoy getting acquainted with all the wood flavors — discovering which ones impart a stronger flavor and work well with more distinctive cuts of meats or poultry and fish, and which ones are best paired with milder meats, fish or vegetables. Salmon and grouper in particular are favorites of plank grillers, as are cuts such as pork loin and beef … and even veggies and desserts!

The incredible smoky flavors of wood such as Western Red Cedar, Alder, Sugar Maple and Oak are infused into your favorite foods as you grill or bake – and just like our natural lump charcoal, there are no artificial or chemical additives of any kind to affect the subtle flavors. Big Green Egg Grilling Planks are made from all natural woods with nothing added. Unlike many other plank products, our planks are sourced from certified sustainable and food grade sources, and are select cut for optimum flavor. You will really enjoy the Ultimate Cooking Experience with our premium wood planks!

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