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Aromatic Woods

Cooking slowly over low heat infused with wood smoke is what smoking … and what some call “real barbecue” … is all about. Cooking “low and slow” breaks down connective tissue and tenderizes tough (and typically less expensive) cuts of meat like beef brisket, pork shoulder, pork butts and spare ribs.

For smoking these kinds of foods, cooking times are measured in hours rather than minutes. But boy, is it worth it! The result is succulent, fall-off- the-bone tenderness with the tangy, complex combination of spices, smoke and natural meat flavors.

Of course, you can also smoke some other types of foods that do not fit the standard profile. Fish, poultry, vegetables and even cheeses do not need to be tenderized with slow cooking, but they taste even better when kissed with the essence of wood smoke.

For many years I dreamt of traveling the country learning about barbecue – and now I am privileged to make a living by passing on what I’ve learned. I spend about half the year on the road in search of “the ultimate rib” or the “perfect pulled pork” and I can tell you that I never get tired of it. In my two decades of travels I have found endless surprises, but there is always one constant and that’s the passion for food. – Dr. BBQ

Preparing a special course or smoking foods on the Big Green Egg is so easy; you don’t worry about having to watch the grill too closely, and the natural charcoal flavor makes everything taste incredible, – Kevin Rathbun

Some people like to soak wood chunks in water for several hours or overnight before using them. This allows the wood to smolder and release the smoky aromas and flavors to permeate food. Instead of water, you can use wine, beer or fruit juice to soak the wood to add another flavor dimension. Another method is to scatter the dry wood directly on the coals; because you smoke foods at low temperatures, the wood doesn’t tend to burn quickly.

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