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Premium Nest Covers


The Big Green Egg covers are made from a ventilated, heavy-duty material with an embroidered logo. The weatherproof fabric protects against fading from UV rays and moving the cover off and on is easy with the convenient handle. Covers are available to fit XXLarge – MiniMax EGGs in all configurations (with or without Mates, Shelves or Handler).

Black Cover for an XXLarge EGG in a Nest – CEXXLB

Black Cover for an XLarge EGG in a Nest – CEXLB

Black Cover for a Large EGG in a Nest – BLVC

Black Cover for a Medium EGG in a Nest – CEMB

Black Cover for a Small EGG in a Nest – CESB

Green Cover for a Small EGG in a Nest – HSVC

Black Cover for a MiniMax EGG in a Carrier – HLDOME