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Dr. BBQ Makes Chopped Finals


The “Chopped” kitchen just got a whole lot hotter.

That’s because the popular Food Network cooking competition is heading out West.

Every week, four chefs duke it out under the Tucson sun with a grill, smoker and the show’s infamous basket of mystery ingredients. One champion from each episode will then compete in the grand finale for a $50,000 prize.

This week it was chefs Galen Zamarra, Tommy Duncan, Jen Duncan and Ray Lampe Dr. BBQ but it was Dr. BBQ who walked away with the win after impressing the judges with his BBQ skills.

Returning to the judges panel are three familiar faces: Amanda Freitag, Aaron Sanchez and Marc Murphy.

The trio spent nine days filming at Old Tucson Studios, an experience Murphy calls “a really good time.”

Now back in New York at his restaurant Landmarc, Murphy talks excitedly about the Wild West showdown.

Dr. BBQ wins the his round and will head to the Chopped Grill Masters Finals

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