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The History of the EGG

Ed Fisher cooking on the EGG

The History of Big Green Egg and Civilization


In the beginning there was fire. Early man first learned the flavor benefits of cooking meat over this exciting discovery, which was quickly adopted as far superior to gnawing on raw brontosaurus! Later cultures discovered that the results were even better when the fire and food were contained inside a dome-shaped, earthen vessel. Evidence of these types of cookers has been found by archeologists in the ruins of nearly every civilization around the world, except the Drivethruinians who ate all their meals from take-out and quickly vanished from the earth.

The Big Green Egg® is a modern-day evolution of these ancient cookers. Its design is modeled after a clay cooking vessel used during the Chinese Qin Dynasty … the Japanese adopted these oval, domed, clay cooking pots in the 3rd century and called them “kamados.” Ironically, from the origins of the domed cooker back in the Chinese Qin Dynasty, today there are many fake “EGGs” and inferior copy-cat kamado style cookers coming back into the USA from China!

Centuries ago, these knee-high cookers were fired by wood or natural charcoal (just like the Big Green Egg today), and pots were hung inside the kamados for cooking rice. Eventually a slatted cooking grid was fitted inside for grilling and roasting meats, and by the 1600s the kamados were raised off the floor and placed on a platform – a position which undoubtedly was much easier on the cook’s back! U.S. servicemen discovered kamados during World War II and shipped them home after the war. The kamado cookers were an exciting alternative to the metal charcoal (and eventually gas) grills of the day and people were sold on the added flavor and juiciness the “new” cooker gave to foods.

The original Big Green Egg store in Atlanta

American serviceman and entrepreneur Ed Fisher was one of those guys who discovered the domed clay cooker. He was amazed at how much better food cooked inside the device tasted and set out to import them for his friends and associates. When Ed Fisher first opened the Big Green Egg store in Atlanta in 1974, he sold kamados made of fire-clay, which were based on the same design and material used for thousands of years. Despite the great results they produced, the material of these original cookers became fragile after a few years of use and from being exposed to the elements.

Having now become committed to developing a company to produce and market the amazing cookers, Ed made a change for the better as he refined the composition of the ceramics and aligned the Big Green Egg Company with a state-of-the-art factory to manufacture its kamados in the hands of skilled ceramics artisans. Company engineers incorporated a new type of ceramics, developed by NASA for the space program, into the manufacturing process and worked tirelessly to find ways to improve the design and product, often in small, incremental steps. The result was a superior cooker that was stronger, more durable and provided better heat insulation than anything else on the market, a distinction the Big Green Egg holds today.

As the Big Green Egg has evolved over recent years, significant changes have been made to keep it miles ahead of other “kamado-style” cookers. A permanent porcelain glaze ensures the signature green color will not fade or discolor under any outdoor conditions. Improved ceramics and a patented draft door now permit a wide range of easily adjusted cooking temperatures from ultra high-heat searing to low-and-slow smoking. Other practical improvements have enhanced the traditional design including a spring-assisted hinge system and a heavy stainless steel cooking grid. And a team of R&D specialists keeps looking for ways to make it even better! EGGzilla, a recent prototype of massive proportion, may someday enable EGG users to perhaps grill that brontosaurus their ancestors could only dream of! (In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with an XXLarge or two).

Big Green Egg is now the world’s largest producer and international distributor of ceramic kamado-style cookers. When you purchase an EGG, you know your investment is protected by a successful, experienced company with a reputation for manufacturing top quality products, extending world class customer service, and providing you with the confidence that they will be there to stand behind their products. From that original single product, the Big Green Egg has grown to include seven sizes of the EGG, and well over one hundred accessories and related products designed to make cooking just about anything on a Big Green Egg fun and entertaining. Often copied, but never equaled, the Big Green Egg is the Ultimate Cooking Experience™!


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