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Takeo Spikes’ Ribs

Posted on 28 August 2015

NFL linebacker Takeo Spikes shares his recipe for ribs Click Here

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Smoked Spare Ribs

Posted on 4 August 2015

Chef JJ shares a homemade BBQ sauce recipe for spare ribs Click Here

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Famous Dave’s Five Star BBQ Sticky Ribs

Posted on 23 April 2015

Make sure you’re ready for some finger-licking fun Click Here

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Championship Ribs

Posted on 21 April 2015

Dr. BBQ’s Backyard Championship St. Louis-style ribs Click Here

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Cooking Techniques

Posted on 23 September 2014

More than just a grill, the Big Green Egg offers cooking flexibility, flavor and juiciness second to none. Here is a sampling of what you can accomplish in the EGG. Direct Grilling: For direct grilling, food is placed over the fire and cooked by direct exposure to the flame and heat. Generally, foods that are tender, less than two inches thick, and boneless are good candidates for direct grilling. It is the ideal way to cook steaks, chops, burgers, boneless chicken breasts, kabobs, fish fillets, many vegetables and other quick-cooking foods. And with a Stir-Fry & Paella Pan in place directly over the hot fire, you can even make a tasty stir-fry. Direct grilling sears the exterior surface of the meat to form a delicious crust with the juices locked inside. Because of the ingenious design of the EGG and the...

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